Saturday, August 4, 2012

Great Britain and South Korea Ready for Olympic Quarterfinal

Great Britain football team's 1-0 win over Uruguay has given their confidence a major boost and they now seem determined to finish at least on the podium, if not as the gold medal winners.

They enter the knockout stage as the winners of Group A and their first opponents in the sudden death round are South Korea, with whom they will clash at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday.

The team that had started off with a lacklustre performance against Brazil in the pre-Olympic warm-up has slowly raised their level of performance.

"It's difficult for teams that have been put together to all of a sudden play together and try to have some form of connection on the field,” explained Team GB striker Daniel Sturridge.

“But we're all good players and as the days and weeks have gone by we have made a connection and made partnerships with each other. There are no divisions between us and everyone gets along."

Their opponents, South Korea, have so far failed to get their attacking game going in the competition and are being considered as outsiders in London 2012 football odds against the hometown boys. However, GB coach Stuart Pearce has warned his players not to take the Koreans lightly.

In a recent interview, the trainer nicknamed 'Psycho' told the press: "I've watched South Korea once and they are a workmanlike side. We had a situation where we didn't know exactly who we would be playing, but we had a feeling it would be them, so we will be prepared and we won't underestimate them.

"Their preparation has been fantastic coming into this. They are a good side, well prepared, well organised - everything you would expect from a side in the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games. They offer something different each time, technically and tactically."

The British team's hopes have increased in the past few matches but Pearce insists that Brazil still are the hot favourites for the gold medal. While the former Manchester City manager has taken the pessimistic route to relieve the pressure off his players, his Korean counterpart has Myung-Bo Hong is full of positivity.

"Our players have been playing well. I do not know what the British team think of the Korean team, but if there is any overconfidence then we will use it to our advantage. Many people think the Great Britain team is superior to the Korean team, but anything can happen. We will put everything into this match," Hong told the press.

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