Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Has Tevez Redeemed Himself?

The very idea of an individual walking out of the workplace for months, and then returning a hero may seem preposterous, but in the footballing world, it would seem things work a little differently. 

The return of Carlos Tevez seems to have brought something to the Manchester City team that was sadly lacking during his absence, and this doesn't just boil down to his actual contribution on the pitch. 

With Tevez clearly loved by the majority of the City squad, as well as the coaching staff, there is no getting away from the fact that he seems to be a man capable of energising the likes of Sergio Aguero, providing City's top stars with the chance to shine in the best way possible. 

It would have been easy to see the player take the podium in Premiership Top Scorer Betting, if he had been around all season.

However, the fact that Tevez was so selfish at such a crucial point in the season means that the City fans need to see plenty more from the Argentine in order to be able to truly forgive him.

If City now go on to win the title, due to the fact that Tevez managed to fire them to a few crucial away wins, then he may have just done enough to win back the trust and love of the City fans, who so readily welcomed him into their club, after he so shockingly jumped ship from Manchester United.

Ultimately, though, there is no escaping the fact that the likes of Vincent Kompany and Joe Hart, who have been outstanding this season, are likely to miss out on that Premier League medal, partly because Tevez walked away from the battle the Sky Blues were engaged in at a crucial time.

For that, surely there can be no short-term forgiveness. City are currently outsiders in the Premier League odds.

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