Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wigan bid to pull off another great escape

Although the English Premier League has witnessed the presence of several high-profile escape artists in recent years, there is one team above all others that has developed a consistent habit of pulling off the trick of EPL survival against all the odds. That team, according to soccer betting tips, is Wigan.
OK, so Wigan may well be the architects of their own downfall, causing themselves far more problems than they need to, but they still manage to pull off the shocks, in the process working out most of their on-field problems by the time the end of the season comes around in a timely manner that leaves EPL fans baffled, live soccer betting pundits pocket-less, and fellow relegation contenders pretty gutted! 
Recently, history has been repeating itself in the EPL; Wigan have managed to string together a run of decent performances that haven’t always been rewarded, but they have started to close the gap between themselves and the other teams in the bottom four or five, which looked so unlikely only a fortnight or so ago. 

If Wigan do manage to pull off yet another great escape, the club may start to win a few more fans, with many neutral fans of the EPL still not really sure what Wigan have to offer after their bright first season, which earned them so many plaudits from soccer pundits.
With Wigan all too aware that relegation could be the death of the club, and fans of other clubs in the EPL keen not to see another victim of the rat race to spend big in order to bring in the big bucks, let's just hope that this season doesn't prove an anomaly in the history of a club that quite simply loves the great escape.

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