Thursday, February 2, 2012

Probable next England manager accused of dodging tax

Over the years in the world of sport, there have been stories abound concerning the ways in which players and coaches have found themselves embroiled in controversy surrounding tax payments, with certain individuals keen to pay as little tax as possible, but one strange factor about all of these stories is the reason behind the tax evasion; for people who earn so much money, why would they risk getting into serious trouble with the tax authorities?

Now, one man who really shouldn’t be allowing himself to be dragged down in controversy of this kind, but has nevertheless done just that, is a man who many believe will be the next manager of the English soccer team: Harry Redknapp.

With Redknapp allegedly failing to pay tax on a bank account that was set up in Monaco (a part of Europe with a very low tax rate and notoriously used for slightly dodgy accounts), his chances of becoming the future England manager seem to have taken a slightly sinister turn, which has dramatically altered live soccer betting markets and punters’ soccer betting tips with regards to the new England boss. Some papers even starting to debate the chances of him being sent to prison.

If this does happen, the name of soccer in England would be tarnished in an almost irreparable manner, with those involved in a sport where the heroes all earn an enormous amount of money (don’t forget there is no salary cap in soccer, with many players earning more per week than the average person earns per year) seem unwilling to give anything back, whereas the paying public who pay through the nose to attend matches are forced to play by the rules.

With soccer already suffering elsewhere in the world, such as in the US, where the team failed to help the nation to a successful bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, this could be one of the final nails in the coffin for soccer around the globe.

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