Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How close is the EPL to seeing a 'Rangers'?

There may well not be any soccer clubs in the EPL currently petitioning to be placed in administration, something that one of the two Old Firm clubs in Scotland, Rangers, have been forced into, but one thing is clear: the top flight of English soccer is not immune from financial trouble and may end up falling victim to the financial climate sooner rather than later.

The amounts of money paid out by the EPL to clubs (dependent upon where exactly they finish in the league), and the huge TV rights deal means that EPL clubs can earn a small fortune. However, these massive amounts of money end up being squandered, more often than not, on player wages and bringing in new players at increasingly astronomical prices.
The likes of Bolton Wanderers are already massively in debt and will surely find themselves unable to pay money back if the owners of the club were to ask for it, meaning that their future could well be put at risk if they were suddenly, without warning, squeezed a little tighter financially speaking. With only EPL club Arsenal truly self-sufficient (although Tottenham have done their best to become so), the EPL is a division that is massively in debt and under huge amounts of pressure to increase transparency regarding the financial conditions that are prevailing in the EPL. It would not be one of the worst soccer betting tips to consider looking at the potential financial meltdown of any one of a number of current EPL teams.
After all, with the fans of clubs the ones who have the most to lose, there is little doubting that the loss of clubs to monumental tax bills and debts would be a very depressing occurrence for everyone involved with soccer in England. It is worth keeping an eye on the situation and, for opportunists, live soccer betting odds.

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