Thursday, February 2, 2012

African tournament fails to draw the crowds

Soccer outside Europe has gained in popularity in recent years, with David Beckham making a high profile move to the MLS in North America, a transfer that transformed soccer into a sport with a widespread global profile and exposed a new generation of potential players to the game, but the latest FIFA tournament, the African Cup Of Nations, has failed to catch the public's imagination.

Even though the tournament is generally regarded as being packed full of talented, skillful players, and traditionally brought to life by a glut of goals, the fact of the matter is that the absence of a few big names in African soccer has been seriously detrimental to the manner in which the tournament is being covered this time around.

With soccer fans around the world always keen to watch a good game of soccer part take in some live soccer betting, it's a real shame that players of the calibre of Samuel Eto’o have not been able to attend a tournament that has suffered from more than its fair share of controversies and negative news events in recent years. Betting markets and soccer betting tips.
are well down this year, reflected in the general lack of interest in a tournament that, it has to be said, is awkwardly placed in the middle of the European domestic season,

If the World Cup continues to be the only soccer tournament held outside Europe that garners worldwide interest, the popularity of the sport will surely remain at a plateau for the foreseeable future, trailing in the shadow of sports that hold local interest in particular countries and in particular continents. Let's hope, then, that the latter stages of the African tournament hold a high enough level of close competition, skill, sportsmanship, and excitement to start changing the dynamics

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