Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Will Spurs' success also be their downfall?

What a time to be a Tottenham Hotspur fan! Sitting third in the English Premier League and very close to being able to topple the current league leaders should they win this weekend at the Ethiad Stadium in Manchester, the chances are that some of the more hardened and cynical Spurs fans may well be thinking that something dodgy is going on!

This train of thought would, of course, be completely untrue, but those cynical fans may still have a point in that the good may not be as good as it currently feels.

With Tottenham defying the soccer betting tips  to stay in the title race, they are now attracting a global soccer-watching audience. The likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, and AC Milan might just start hovering around White Hart Lane waiting and ready to swoop for players who they feel would be a welcome addition to their team.

For those of you who doubt that would actually happen, I would cautiously point you in the direction of the great Ajax team of the mid-1990s, who went even further than Spurs and utterly dominated their league and eventually found themselves European Champions to boot, only for their team to be absolutely destroyed by bids from around Europe that financed a new stadium (much like Spurs want) but left Ajax as a far smaller team that could not ever be taken seriously by other top clubs again.

With Spurs proving they are not a team to be trifled with last summer in the transfer window, the live soccer betting is still tipping a number of their stars players to be targeted by top clubs over the summer.

Plus with England rumoured to be interested in appointing Harry Redknapp after Fabio Capello quits after Euro 2012, it could be a summer of change for the White Hart Lane club. The reality is therefore that they need both the success they have been enjoying to continue and to maintain their nerve in a transfer environment that will be out to swallow up poor old Spurs.

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