Friday, January 27, 2012

Beckham’s interest in owning a MLS franchise proves soccer is on the up

Although you can't argue with the fact that David Beckham decided to turn down an awful lot of money and the lure of several major clubs in order to continue pursuing a career in the MLS, proving a number of soccer betting tips wrong in the process, that fact fades into insignificance when you realise that not only does Becks want to stick around because he enjoys playing in North America, but also because he has a vested interest in staying for the long term in order to take advantage of the clause in his contract that means he could become the owner of an MLS franchise once his deal expires.

With Beckham clearly deciding that he wants to own a franchise, but with that franchise extremely unlikely to be the Galaxy, it looks like the former England captain will be applying to own a new team in preparation for the next round of MLS expansion.

This, combined with the fact that more punters are watching and wanting to bet on soccer games, and more MLS sides are now building and then playing in their own stadiums that are clearly fit for purpose rather than designed to be shared with NFL and College Football franchises, proves that the future of the MLS looks far, far brighter than anyone could have hoped for when David Beckham first joined the LA Galaxy.

If this rate of growth continues, we can only hope that soccer will get bigger and better in Canada and the USA and will perhaps eventually stand a chance of rivalling the traditional sports that we have enjoyed for so long. This may seem unlikely at the moment, but the fact that the MLS is expanding and improving in such a drastic manner means that it may not be that long before it can rival the top European soccer leagues.

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