Friday, December 16, 2011

Soccer fans over the festive season stuck with the EPL – but is that a bad thing?

For those of you who are soccer fanatics and love to bet on soccer games, the only real chance you will get during the festive season to watch any soccer will come early in the morning (especially if you are on the West coast!) watching the English Premier League. Although the league does not feature the two unrivaled stars of soccer – Ronaldo and Messi – is it still worth watching?

Simply put the answer is – sometimes! Sure, the EPL lacks the skills of Messi, and there are a lot more players who look like they want to kick players off the field rather than show off their skills with the ball, but it also has an intensity that many of the other leagues in the world lack.

With the likes of Manchester United and Manchester City playing some really awesome football, and teams such as Arsenal and Chelsea not far behind them in terms of style, there are still sides out there who can display some fantastic soccer performances and provide interesting soccer betting tips.

Despite this, the fact that the games are on so early in the morning, and can also sometimes be very, very boring (Stoke City are one team to really try to avoid watching!) can mean that fans of soccer are not always necessarily fans of the EPL.

Whatever you decide on, there is one truth that cannot be ignored: the only soccer that is going to be on your TV during the festive season will be coming from England, whether you love it or you hate it! So, if you are a soccer fan, you better get used to a few early mornings!

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