Friday, December 30, 2011

Arsenal looking to bounce back

Although it's fair to say that Arsenal have enjoyed a rather strange season, lurching from one extreme to another, the fact remains that they have somehow managed to get themselves back in contention for a Champions League place, something that seemed like a distant dream after the crushing 8-2 defeat they suffered against Manchester United early in the season. In fact, some soccer betting tips suggested a season of mid-table mediocrity for the Londoners.

That said, the Gunners know all too well that they need to make sure that their season gets firmly back on track after a draw earlier this week against lowly Wolves, two points dropped in domestic competition that they really couldn’t afford to let slip.

With their North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur proving that their hot streak can run for some time yet (proving those who bet on soccer games wrong at every turn in the process), Arsenal surely know that their only real hope of showing they can still be one of the top soccer teams in London is by getting ahead of rivals Chelsea. Should they want that to become a reality, they know that they will have to make sure that they not only start winning soccer games, but win them convincingly, bringing belief and confidence back to a side that had previously looked like it was going to flounder badly this season.

In spite of this need to succeed being so prevalent, the fact that head coach Arsene Wenger has managed to calm the fans down after an enormous level of rage sent in his direction earlier in the season is testament to  how well he is running the club. With this in mind, it is key to remember that the Gunners have a man in charge who knows how to pull off miracles when others lack faith, something that he will once again need to do come the end of the season.

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