Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Laudrup steps down

Michael Laudrup has stepped down as manager of Mallorca after just over a year in charge of the Spanish club.

The Dane has come under pressure recently after a poor string of results at the start of the new Primera La Liga competition, but his side did beat Real Sociedad 2-1 on Sunday.

Laudrup's assistant Erik Larsen was dismissed by club owner Lorenzo Serra Ferrer on Monday evening, after Larsen went public with his thoughts on Serra Ferrer. He described him as a "bad person" and stated that he was "unfit to lead the club". Fans of Betfair may have been shocked by the spat.

It took the former Danish international midfielder a matter of hours to hand in his resignation from the club, following the removal of his assistant.

The 47-year-old made the announcement at a press conference on Tuesday morning, in which he stated a breakdown in relationship with the Serra Ferra. Laudrup made it clear that it was now untenable. He can know put his feet up and watch the Betfair Manchester United bowling video.

"This situation cannot continue like this. From now on, Mallorca will be whatever it is Serra Ferrer wants," he said. "Why go now that you've won a game and you're in the middle of the table? I had long been thinking about this, but I could not do it with the team in a bad situation."

Laudrup had criticised the club's transfer policy over the summer in which several of his best players had left the club, including Jonathan de Guzman to La Liga rivals Villareal. He felt that the moves had left in short of forwards this season.

The Balearic Islands club will face Osasuna at the weekend without a coach, following Laudrups's decision.

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