Friday, August 5, 2011

Transfer window builds to frantic finish

On the face of it it would sound churlish to suggest this summer's transfer window has been quiet so far, with nearly £200million spent. But with a number of big money deals rumbling on and other sides sitting on their hands, I get the impression transfer deadline day could be the most frantic of all time.

After all it would only take one big deal to kick things off, as the selling club then goes shopping with their new found wealth. Only then, after all the drama has finished, will we get a true sense of where each club lies and the soccer betting will become clear.

Should Chelsea finally buy Luka Modric then Spurs will have £35million burning a hole in their pocket – and we all know Harry Redknapp loves to shop!

Should Cesc Fabregas finally (finally!) make the move to Barcelona then even Arsene Wenger might be forced to spend money.

Everton boss David Moyes has had his hands tied in the transfer market this summer, but should he decide to sell one of his top stars all of a sudden the Scot would be plunged into the thick of the transfer market.

Managers, CEOs and chairman appear to be holding back – both buying and selling – in order to get the best deal for their side. But when the clock begins ticking on deadline day offers will be increased, asking prices will be dropped and demands will be met, sparking a manic last minute rush to beat the deadline.

For fans and TV companies this is great stuff, internet forums, rumour websites and Twitter feeds go into melt down as players, agents and executives are randomly spotted across the country (and beyond). It is often more exciting than going to watch live football itself.

Is it good for football? Personally I don't think it is, both in a financial sense and for allowing managers to prepare their squad for a new season.

But despite that I admit I will be there with the best of them, tuning into Jim White's increasingly crimson face and screeching voice, manually refreshing internet forums and desperately awaiting tweets as fans of every club dreams for that big last minute buy just before the window slams (it always has to slam doesn't it) shut for four long months.

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