Monday, April 11, 2011

English absence raises questions about second tier of top English clubs

Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Manchester United can say (up to a point at least) that they have done the Premier League really proud this season, with all those clubs at one stage or another putting on a fantastic show and thoroughly entertaining in the Champions League. However, in the Europa League, the same surely cannot be said of the English sides that have taken part this season. Indeed, it could be seen as a worrying mirror for the England international side's recent failures.

With both Liverpool and Manchester City falling at a stage that can accurately be described as downright disappointing and actually quite humiliating for two clubs that stood great chances of winning the whole competition, and with the other English contenders barely able to make the slightest impression on the competition, the strength in depth down in the second tier of the Premier League must surely be questioned, or at the very least these sides' commitment to the competition must be and anyone looking at the best European football betting will realise this.

This somewhat negative outlook aside, it would seem that it is the latter option (a lack of interest and a true lack of motivation to compete) that means the top sides are now no longer too bothered about competing in a competition that brings little financial reward to the top sides and offers little to no interest to top players who have no want or desire to play a part in the competition, when the only natural place for the top players to be in Europe is the Champions League.

Until UEFA decide to take the Europa League seriously with another change in format, the top clubs in England are not going to offer it a decent level of respect any time soon.

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