Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will Wenger finally lose the fans if he fails again?

Few managers are able to get away with defeats in crucial games as well as making the same high-profile mistakes time and time again, but Arsenal fans seem to forgive Arsene Wenger no matter what he does or how he does it, a fact that often leads to rival fans scratching their heads at the manner in which the club's loyal fans appear to tolerate such failure despite the stature of the club and its place in English football.

With the Gunners chairman Peter Hill-Wood a man who clearly has nothing but reverence for Wenger, and the rest of the board seemingly terrified at the prospect of being responsible for firing a man who has brought the club glory in the past as well as a worldwide following, it appears that only a sustained and vocal lack of support for Wenger from the fans would lead to any real chance of him being dislodged. It would be a shocking piece of football news if he did go.

However, with fans of Arsenal obviously desperate to see the club achieve the success that has been promised over the past five or six years, they have so far publically done everything they possibly can to stay firmly behind their manager, despite the fact that in private many Gunners fans are wondering whether their manager will ever learn from his own mistakes and start to copy the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester United by spending money on players who can benefit the club in the future, but also improve the squad significantly in the short term and although the football rumours link Arsenal to big names, they never seem to buy them.

As well as this, Arsenal fans are beginning to wonder whether or not their manager really believes in his side after so much failure, or if he is now just using the club as a means to pick up a final paycheck as he looks to end his career in England. With the club needing a trophy soon if it doesn't want to risk losing its status as a big club in the global context of football, Wenger either needs to deliver or else leave the club.

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