Friday, March 4, 2011

Finding the domestic and overseas balance

After watching the talent on display between Manchester United and Chelsea this week , I noticed that only Seven English players featured at the Stamford Bridge out of a total of 28, with only two of those came in under the age of 29.

As a football nation, we are proud of being able to boast about having the greatest league in the world with the world's greatest players providing the entertainment.

However, despite the talent we love so much, it is a great shame on the international front that English players in the Premier League are certainly a minority.

Despite turning our concern to the lack of home grown talent being present in the Premier League after every England failure in a major tournament, the excitement of the league quickly clouds over the serious matter of developing young English players and goalwire live score fans should remember this.

The issue has been attempted to be met head on this season however, as the FA implemented the home grown quota at the start of the campaign where clubs have to name at least 8 home grown players in their squad of 25.

This is a great idea to urge Premier League clubs to nurture home grown talent, although the defining of home grown players as being registered for at least three seasons at an English or Welsh club between the ages of 16 and 21 whether you are indeed English or foreign – is a clear contradiction of what the quota suggests It is aiming to do and those who follow the latest football scores will realise this.
This doesn't at all prevent clubs from going overseas to nurture talent and it is difficult to see how so the quota will increase the number of English players in the Premier League and in turn an improved national team.

As a football fan proud of our fascinating elite league, I am also desperate for some International success. I fear as football and the premier league continues to develop as a business, driven by money and profits, the FA will find it difficult to implement a system which will balance both.

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