Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where to Watch the 2010 World Cup in New York City

So you're in New York and you're looking for your World Cup fix ... where do you go?

If you can't make it to South Africa, New York City isn't a bad place to be.

Just about every country in the world is represented in the city's five boroughs. The city will certainly be bustling during the world's greatest sporting event.

So where do you go?

First on the list is the bar 'Where Football is Religion' - the great Nevada Smith's in the East Village.

Bar manager/football minister Jack Keane will graciously take care of you, showing the matches on 15 high-definition TV screens that line the bar's walls and a 12-foot projection screen in the rear.

This is my local and I love it. Make sure to see me there.

But let's say you're craving something different ... where to?

Some suggestions abound ...

First off, the Huffington Post has '25 Bars to Watch 25 Days of Soccer' in New York City. Make sure to check out places such as The Red Lion, which is also a great music venue in the evenings; Eight Mile Creek, an Australian restaurant/bar and Floyd's in Brooklyn, which also has a great bocce court. Addresses and pictures are provided on the link!

Next, the New York Daily News has suggestions on great places to watch the matches.
How about Madiba, a South African restaurant in Brooklyn? Or Zum Schneider, the German beer garden in the East Village?

Let's not forget Mr. Dennehy's in the West Village, home of the Real Madrid supporter's club and maker of great hamburgers!

Jeez, some great places already!!

But there's more!!

Time Out New York
is not to be outdone, with their list of places to watch the great tournament!

If you're a USA fan, how about heading to Dempsey's downtown?

As TONY says:

This convivial Irish pub has been slowly gaining a loyal following of East Village soccer fans, and it plans to make the World Cup its official coming-out party. Every game of the tourney will be shown live on eight HD screens, and the morning games (which begin at 7:30am) will be accompanied by full audio—no one needs U2 that early—and breakfast specials. The boozing comes cheap too: Cash in on $3 pints and $10 pitchers of Coors Light throughout the competition, as well as $3 shots to calm your nerves during the nail-biting moments.

Count me in!!

And if you want a virtual stadium experience? (Only in New York, people!) Check out PlayBeautiful.
This pop-up space is looking to re-create a stadium atmosphere, with 70 flip seats facing two projector screens. It’s free, but you need to book your tickets in advance through its website. Don’t worry if your team loses: World Cup cakes from How Sweet It Is bakery will cheer you up, as will copping a T-shirt from the retro FIFA Collection ($25–$70). PlayBeautiful is the only shop in the city to stock these designs from yesteryear’s World Cups; a gentler time when World Cup Willie didn’t have an alternative meaning.

You're in Brooklyn and don't want to hike to New York City?

Besides the places I've mentioned, how about Woodwork which just opened up in Prospect Heights? An awesome space.

Then there's the Black Horse Pub in Park Slope, one of my personal favorites. An official partner bar of the World Cup, the Black Horse is kicking off the Cup with an opening-day party at 6pm, offering $4 pints, fish and chips specials, and the chance to win signed English football jerseys and two tickets to an upcoming Red Bull-LA Galaxy game. The deals continue with $4 Radeberger pints throughout the Cup. And the bar will open early enough to show every game.

And that's without listing the great Brazilian and Portuguese restaurants in Newark, NJ and the wonderful African enclaves in Brooklyn and Harlem and the list goes on and on and on ...

Any other suggestions? Please let me know or post them in the comments section!! Let's share this tournament with the world!


shoghi said...

Sin sin is doing a party called slap and tickle for the cup

Rosalie said...

The Hill (416 3rd Ave btwn 29th and 30th); a great sports bar with awesome drink specials and 25 flat-screen TV's! Playing all the games!

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