Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Vuvuzela Will Deafen Us!

According to the wonderful football blog Off The Post, experts have warned that the vuvuzela could leave World Cup spectators with permanently damaged hearing, after tests showed that the South African trumpet is actually louder (127 decibels!) than a chainsaw.

UGGH! I could have told you that just by watching last year's Confederations Cup on television. The vuvuzela is awful!

The Hear the World Foundation - formed by Swiss hearing products group Phonak to raise awareness about hearing loss - found the trumpets were louder than a chainsaw in tests conducted in a sound-proof studio.

The vuvuzela was crowned the noisiest instrument at 127 decibels, beating the air horn at 123.5 decibels, with the samba drum and cow bells trailing in third and fourth.

Audiologist Robert Beiny said: “My advice to fans would be to enjoy the atmosphere that the World Cup creates, but also to consider their hearing. Why not give their ears a break from the noisy atmosphere at half time, or if they are one of the lucky ones heading to South Africa, remember to pack some earplugs - once the damage is done, it is irreversible, so prevention is key.”

Don't believe the news? Listen to this ...

Turn it off. Turn it off NOW!

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Anonymous said...

meh, I still lordered myself one to see what they sounded like, and they are pretty LOUD!!!

I saw a clip on vuvuzela ireland of a guy blowing one in a multi story car park