Friday, June 25, 2010

Rooney ready to explode

After the best season of his career at Manchester United, Wayne Rooney was expected to take this World Cup by storm. The plan was for England to top their group with nine points, saunter on through the last 16, see off possibly France and Holland in the quarter and semi finals.

All this before England met the Germans in the final, in which Rooney would bang four goals in and England would claim the title.

Now, when it comes to World Cup Betting England haven’t exactly stuck to this plan. In England’s three group games, Rooney has looked off the pace, culminating in him having a go at booing England fans. With some calling for him to be dropped from the team, it would be the perfect time for some Rooney magic to make an appearance at this World Cup.

A little known fact is that England won the World Cup in 1966, since then it’s been slim pickings from the old success tree. The pressure heaped on Rooney before the tournament, was more than even his stocky shoulders should have been asked to carry. It may have been a reason for his below par performances so far. When Rooney plays badly, England usually follow suit. The stage is set now for Rooney to hit form at the perfect time,

If Rooney finds the form that he had this season in the EPL, then England will beat Germany. The Germans don’t have a player who can match an on fire Rooney. Looking at World Cup betting Spain don’t even have a player as forceful as our Wayne.

The two squads are fairly equal, England has Rooney though. Simply, Rooney performs, England go though. If not, Geoff Hurst and Bobby Charlton will be wheeled out again in four years time, advertising Strongbow for Aldi, to success starved England fans, screaming ‘This is the year, this is our time’ just so they can numb the hurt.


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YangYangKangKang said...

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Amy Hickey said...

England always sucks in World Cup. Never bet for England.. they're overrated!

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