Sunday, June 6, 2010

5 Days To Go: Pressing Questions

Instead of inundate you with 2010 World Cup news a mere 5 days before the first game (South Africa-Mexico), let's ask the top 5 questions for the contenders before the start of the Cup (courtesy of Jesse Spector, New York Daily News although I added some too) ...

1 - Which big-name team is in the most danger of a first-round exit? Brazil? Italy? Portugal?

2 - Can a European team find success on another continent? Favorites Spain, England, Germany and Italy will all try to become the first to win a World Cup outside Europe.

3 - Was Brazil right to leave Ronaldhino out?

4 - Can Lionel Messi play for Argentina like he has for Barcelona?

5 - Which African team will go farthest in the 1st World Cup on the continent? Ivory Coast? Nigeria? Cameroon?

6 - Which team will feel the impact of a players injury the most? Ivory Coast and Didier Drogba? Germany and Michael Ballack? England and Rio Ferdinand?

Things that make you go HMMM ...


csm said...

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al h said...

England don't need Ferdinand. It is only if Rooney get injured that they need to worry!