Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Was Dunga wrong to leave out Ronaldinho?

Today, an interesting comment from 2010 World Cup head organizer Danny Jordaan concerning the selection of Brazil's squad for the tournament.

Jordaan criticized Brazil coach Dunga for leaving AC Milan star Ronaldinho out of Brazil's first-choice squad for the Cup, saying some coaches are "blinded" by a sense of power.

Jordaan said Ronaldinho is a "soccer genius" who had talents "enjoyed by few in the game, both past and present."

Ronaldinho will only play in South Africa if there are injuries to other players after Dunga left the two-time world player of the year out of his 23-man squad yesterday.

Jordaan said it was it was "sad and unfortunate" the tournament would suffer without Ronaldinho and that someone of Dunga's experience should have selected the Milan midfielder as a "matter of course."

Of course, the former Barcelona star isn't the only big star left out of the tournament.

Also missing is Francesco Totti and Luca Toni from Italy, Javier Zanetti and Esteban Cambiasso from Argentina and Patrick Vieira from France, along with many others.

Certainly, the Cup will miss the presence of these great players. But others will fill their shoes and be mentioned in the same breath as these wonderful talents as they display their wares for the world to see come June 11th.

What do you think? Is Jordaan right in his assessment? Should players like Ronaldinho be 'grandfathered' into Cup competitions because of who they are?


brad said...

I was surprise to know that Ronaldino was left behind.A player of his talent and qualities shold go to south africa.The 2010 world cup won't be as easy as before for some teams like brazil,so they could need ronaldino.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

:O cant believe it!! and the list mentioned of other big names missed out. I take it messi c.ronaldo and kaka will make it?

FredF said...

I think he is in a damned if he does, damned if he doesn't situation. The fact is that Brazil is so good that there are another 10 players they also could have picked.

Anonymous said...

good blog man

Ben said...

Think Danny Jordan should shut up and let Dunga do his job. Really, what has it got to do with Jordan? He just wants the 'superstar' players in it to appease his sponsors.

That said, Ronaldinho should be in ahead of Kaka!!

rebecca said...

thans for the article, great blog!

Anonymous said...

Dunga was wrong... and will still be wrong even if Brazil win the world cup

Anonymous said...

There is something called honor, clearly Brazilians have no idea what it means since another Brazilian by the name of Carlos Aberto Pareira has left Benni McCarthy out of the South African final 23. What Dunga has done to Rhonaldino Pareira is destroying, in my books he is still one of the greatest playes today and of all times!!!

Alberto said...

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Anonymous said...

Well this came back to bite him in the ass. Dunga is done coaching for life.