Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Long Time No Talk!

Hey there, how are you? Long time no talk!

It's been some time since I've written on Road to 2010 and I wanted to update everyone on what's going on.

First, unless I win the lottery or someone sends me $10,000, I won't be going to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. Sad but true.

The premise of this blog was to document my journey to South Africa and the World Cup. In that vein, I've failed.

What happened? A variety of factors caused my desire and passion to wane.

One, I grew cynical about the game of football.

Football is a never ending sport, with fixtures popping up almost every weekend of the year. This saturation (over saturation?) caused me to loathe the game. I tried to stay away from it rather than embrace it.

Second, my economic situation changed. That's something that's happened to many people, not just me. The economy has been a whirlwind the past few years. I've been personally affected.

Lastly, I hit a wall. I didn't know how to continue the blog, my writing or my journey. I grew frustrated. I threw my hands up and simply called time out.

But not all is lost.

I feel I've got my mo jo back! I'm loving the Beautiful Game again and I'm excited to come back to this platform and write.

I'm looking for ideas on how to continue this blog through the World Cup and beyond.

I've a few good ideas. I'd like to hear from you, the readers and see what you think as well.

E-mail me at cesarbenoitjr AT gmail DOT com and let me know what you think. All suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.

The blog is back!! Hope to have you along for the ride.


Jonathan said...

Welcome back!

Funnily enough I name dropped you in a post just this morning! (The World Cup on Just Football - look it up).

What are your plans for the blog? Very interested to know, and if you fancy guesting on Just Football you're always welcome. Sent you a few mails last few months but dunno if you received.


Anonymous said...

good blog!

Anonymous said...

nice blog, man

Anonymous said...

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ishan said...

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Anonymous said...

yesssss!!!! ur back!!

I tbh with the over saturation of fixtures did begin to lothe football quite some time back and generally only liked it for a few bets here and there for the lolz. I got board of the on going endless fixtures some time back and decided to just follow one event...the world cup 2010 then after decided i probably wouldnt care much for football only just for if i decide to put on a small bet i would check up results etc. So i just followed world cup all the different continents qualifying zones. I did hope to make it to south africa for 2010 too but i failed. I got a little passion back after my local team who were relegated from SPL last year got promoted back up this season! now with that and world cup coming back i starting to look forward to this event, but after this event i dont think i will care as much in future about football althought still enjoy it.....woaw im fairly ranting on here.

Any way i think this blog was great even if few posts durning the world cup on views of how the tourny is progressing would still be worth it i think

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments! I do appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

hey ye i do agree to this is a good blog regardless of weather u go to the final or not

lukepob said... last hope?>>>

rebecca said...

welcome back! you're one of the best football bloggers out there :-) always an awesome read!
(whether you made it to africa or not, you certainly haven't "failed"!) the blog is one of my favorites and i am excited to read about the journey of the world cup, from wherever you watch it! you never disappoint...

Amy Hickey said...

yay you're back! i've always enjoyed reading your articles. probably one of the most interesting football blog ever...

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