Monday, May 24, 2010

18 Days To Go!

Ok, I'm finally back. And this time for good!
The 2010 World Cup is a mere 18 days away!
Time flies when you're having fun, eh?

From here on out, this is how the site will work:

- 5 links each day to interesting World Cup stories.
- My daily opinion on the day's events.
- Since I can't make it to South Africa for the Cup, I'll enjoy the sights and sounds of the US's most cosmopolitan metropolis, New York City, and hit up some of the city's best foreign enclaves to watch the matches with fans and soak up some international atmosphere.

That's a decent consolation prize, no? No?! Hey, it's the best I can do. Unless you can get me $10,000 in the next two weeks.

Ok, so here we go ...

Today's Tidbits

1 - How about a preview of one of South America's under-the-radar football powers, Paraguay?
2 - If you're going to the World Cup, be careful about getting sick ...

According to a new study published in the June issue of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, visitors traveling to South Africa will need to worry less about 'exotic' tropical diseases such as malaria, and concentrate on protecting themselves from a wide range of more common travel-related diseases, such as acute diarrheal illness, sexually transmitted diseases, febrile illnesses, insect and tick bites, and vaccine-preventable infections, especially influenza and measles.

So maybe it's good I'm staying here in New York? Yikes!!
3 - US 'keeper Tim Howard is proud of America's goal keeper tradition.
4 - England beats Mexico in a friendly ... and more friendly results from Monday.
5 - Spain's Xabi Alonso thinks Spain can with the World Cup. Ya think?

What I Think I Think

Umm, let's see.

I didn't watch the friendlies, so can't go there.
The World Cup is weeks away, so why bother at this point ...

Hmm ... Oh! I know ... Did we all watch Inter Milan's domination of Bayern Munich in the Champions League final this past Saturday?

Excuse me, Mr. Diego Maradona ... but what exactly were you smoking when you left Inter striker Diego Milito off your squad list? Tsk tsk. And he brought 87-year old Martin Palermo instead? I dunno. I'm not sure how this move will pay off.

The Greatest Player of All Time may have some explaining to do come the end of the tournament.

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rebecca said...

i'm hoping spain wins the world cup!