Wednesday, May 26, 2010

16 Days To Go: Hot Hot Hot!

If you're in New York, you're probably standing in front of an air conditioner or fan.
It's HOT, something like 99 degrees.
Since when is it summer in May?!?
I wonder if it'll be this hot in South Africa for the World Cup?
Probably not ... anyways, I digress.

Today's Tidbits

1 - Diego Maradona will run naked through the streets of Buenos Aires if Argentina win the World Cup. Lock up your women and children now.
2 - USA announces their 23-man roster ... you know, the team that will defeat England 2-1 June 12th.
3 - Did you hear? Jose 'the Special One' Mourinho, fresh off his Champions League victory with Real Madrid, is the new coach of Real Madrid.
4 - From one of my favorite football websites, The Global Game ... 'Football's powers of resurrection have rarely had a better exemplar than Martin Afrika. The 32-year-old captain for South Africa at the Homeless World Cup has reconstructed his identity through sport.'
5 - Who were the 10 greatest Cameroon football players of all time? Glad you asked ...

What I Think I Think

This past weekend's Champions League final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich didn't do so hot in the ratings.

The first U.S. over-the-air network telecast of a European Champions League final got a 1.1 overnight rating and 3 share on Fox from major markets.

Fox Sports chairman David Hill said last week he hoped for a rating of 2.0 to 2.5. So it has to be somewhat disheartening to see the ratings info.

But when you think about it, it's not as bad as you think.

First off, it wasn't the sexiest match-up. Inter? Munich? We're not talking Manchester United and Real Madrid here.

Second, did you even know the game was on Fox? I didn't. It's not like the network did a great job of advertising the match. Maybe to the die hards that watch Fox Soccer Channel. But the casual fan had to search for the game.

Also, people usually watch big matches like this in groups. I watched it with about 40 people at a bar. So it makes sense that there were a lot more eyes on this match than the rating indicates.

Lastly, football's just not that big of a sport in the USA.

No big revelation here, of course. Soccer has its niche, much like ice hockey and Nascar. And that's ok.

Besides, more people will watch the World Cup, which usually attracts the casual fan.

Seen in this light, the rating's ok. No need to worry. The game's just fine here in the States.


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