Friday, May 28, 2010

14 Days to Go: Almost There!

14 days away!

Two weeks to go until the start of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa! Can you believe it? Time flies when you're having fun.

South Africa v. Mexico opens the biggest sporting event in the world in two weeks time and I'm wondering: Will the casual fan watch?

Now I know many people could care less about soccer/football in the United States. But this is the World Cup. This is as big as it gets.

Even the soccer hater has to at least gaze at the TV screen to see how the Italys and Brazils of the world are doing, no?

Even someone who doesn't understand the 1st thing about the 'Beautiful Game' must want to know what the hub bub is about, eh?

Ahh, what do I know?

What I DO know is that I can't wait ... two weeks away!!!!

Today's Tidbits

1 - How will the host country do at the 2010 World Cup? South Africa have been widely tipped for World Cup humiliation but Carlos Alberto Parreira has forged a new team spirit, according to David Smith of the Guardian.
3 - Meet the soccer studs of the 2010 World Cup. This one's for the ladies.
4 - Who are the top 10 teams to never win the World Cup? Holland? '82 Brazil?
5 - France will host Euro 2016. Road to 2016 Euro, anyone?

What I Think I Think

Days after Argentina coach/Greatest Player of All-time Diego Maradona promised to run naked through the streets of Buenos Aires should his country win the Cup, more salacious news from the South American power.


It's common practice to sequester players during a tournament. Honestly, who wants athletes wasting energy on their significant others when they should be trying to win matches?

Apparently that's not the thinking of the Argentinians.

"The players can have sex with their wives and girlfriends during the World Cup," Dr. Donato Vallani said on Radio Del Plata (via AP). "Players are not Martians."

But the doctor did have one set of restrictions, saying the players' sex "should not be at 2 a.m. with champagne and Havana cigars."

So what would his words to former President Bill Clinton be?


thedoreenster said...

Just an FYI: In its first match after the World Cup, the U.S. national team will play Brazil on Aug. 10 at the new Meadowlands stadium in northern New Jersey. The friendly falls on an international fixture date, meaning the sides will be able to recall top players.

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