Saturday, May 29, 2010

13 Days To Go: Travel Advisory

I know tons of people making their way to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup.

One thing these very (very) lucky people don't have to worry about is tickets, as most people venturing to the tournament have their entrance passes.

But ticket sales to African citizens have been sluggish. (Maybe because the tickets are 6 feet tall? Look at the size of that thing!)

Not anymore. Looks like ticket demand is sky high with the Cup a mere two weeks away.

So all these tales of empty stadiums we've been reading the past few weeks? Doubtful.

Now does anyone have a ticket they can spare for their friendly neighborhood blogger?!?

Today's Tidbits

1 - Photographer Michael Donald of the Guardian tracks down the men who have lived every boy's dream – to score in the World Cup final. A compelling gallery.
2 - Five questions England must answer before their 2-1 loss to the United States in their opening match.
3 - has an analysis of all 32 squads at the World Cup. Here's their Spain assessment. Can you say winner?
4 - Cameroon captain Samuel Eto'o on Friday questioned his participation at the World Cup finals after criticism from former compatriot Roger Milla that he had brought nothing to his country. And we thought divas only existed in American sports.
5 - The Columbian national team were robbed by 'scantily clad girls' at their Johannesburg hotel hours after 2-1 friendly defeat to South Africa. Salacious.

What I Think I Think

The entire premise of this blog centered around a trip to Africa for the 2010 World Cup. That didn't materialize. So while I'm extremely jealous of everyone making their way south for the Cup in 2 weeks time, heed my advice: be careful.

The alert includes mentions of a heightened risk for terrorist activity (American citizens traveling in South Africa are encouraged to register with the United States mission to receive specific alerts), a general warning on crime and “public disturbances,” and even a note about a shortage of lodging, particularly in the smaller World Cup host cities.

There is also a reminder about the so-called yellow fever belt, which covers much of Africa and South America, and the need to carry proof of yellow fever vaccination.

Better safe than sorry, eh?

Have fun ... lucky buggers.

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