Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh No! 2010 World Cup Final Sold Out!

Looks like I'll be using scalpers to get into the 2010 World Cup final.

According to FIFA, the second phase of ticket sales for the opening match, semi-finals and the final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup are sold out.

Gone. Goodbye.

The second phase had seen 105,322 tickets confirmed and approved so far.

"Due to a high demand for certain team specific ticket series, these tickets are no longer available for the following countries: England, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Ireland and Netherlands," the world football body said in a statement.

"It is no longer possible within the current sales phase to purchase match tickets for games taking place in Cape Town, Nelspruit and Pretoria."

Individual match tickets for the opening match, the two semi-finals, and the final were also unavailable in this phase.

However, team specific ticket series tickets, which allow supporters to follow the team of their choice, were available for the opening match, semi-final and the final.

If their team is eliminated, the team specific ticket allows the buyer to follow the team that progresses into the next round of the competition.

MY POV: So should I follow the USA? Spain? Help me here!


Abdel-Rahman said...
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Abdel-Rahman said...

you would probably have a better chance of getting the tix you want in the next phase on december 5 when allocation is random but apply now for the hell of it theres a good chance you can get a random match.
Following your team would be pretty cool i say go for it. between USA and Spain I think Spain would be the better choice as they probably advance farther into the competition. But i guess it all comes down to which team you support more.
Im thinking of applying for TSTs for Saudi Arabia.I have a single ticket to the group D opener in Durban and after reading up on the city today im having second thoughts about going there solo,not the safest place to go on your own. how are you going? group,solo etc