Sunday, May 17, 2009

2010 World Cup Tidbits

If you haven't checked out the wonderful Project 2010 information/news site from South Africa, what are you waiting for?

The site's chock full of information regarding South Africa and the upcoming 2010 World Cup. Make sure to stop by and then come back here for more juicy info ...

Here, some interesting tidbits pulled from the site.

- On Monday, a group of journalists will kick off an ambitious program in Senegal aimed at providing mid-career training to more than 300 reporters and photographers across Africa ahead of next year’s World Cup. MY POV: Can I please join? Please?

The programme is part of FIFA’s ’Win in Africa with Africa’ development program, launched after South Africa was selected to host the 2010 World Cup. The courses will be run by the AFP Foundation and co-financed by the EU. This week’s courses will be held at the Diambars Institute near the coastal resort of Saly, about 70 kilometers south-west of Dakar. Facilities have been made available thanks to the generosity of the Senegalese FA, one of eight national associations in Africa which have agreed to support the program.

- Hotel operaters hoping to inflate accommodation prices during the 2010 World Cup and who refuse to sign up with Match Hospitality, FIFA's official accommodation service provider, are doing themselves a disfavor, tourism authorities have warned.

The Argus quotes Michael Tatalias, chairperson of the Southern African Tourism Service Association, as saying that a number of hotel owners are holding back so that they could inflate their prices to rip off tourists. He said Match needs more than 65,000 rooms.

MY POV: Be careful where you get your rooms! Don't spend too much!

- South Africa has received a thumbs-up from Dutch soccer legend Frank Rijkaard as it prepares to host the World Cup.

Speaking to the Sowetan, Rijkaard, who coached FC Barcelona, said the country will host a roaring 2010 World Cup.

’From what I have seen in South Africa there is no shadow of doubt in my mind that your country will host a memorable World Cup next year,’ he said. ’South Africa and Africa as a whole will never be the same after you have hosted the tournament of this magnitude. There is already an air of anticipation for 2010 among a horde of South Africans that I have met since my arrival here on Sunday. It shows that people are ready for the spectacle. It is a good attitude.’

MY POV: Ahh, I so need to get out there already! Working on it, my dear readers!

- Gauteng (a province of South Africa) premier Nomvula Mokonyane has become the latest high-profile politician to call for the decriminalization of prostitution.

The Times reports that Mokonyane said that she, as an ANC member and Gauteng premier, would keep an ’open mind’ about recognizing the ’oldest profession’.

’Worldwide you will find it. What is important is the management, even their protection,’ she said. She said that the government should not wait until 2010 and the World Cup in South Africa because there were ’pressing issues’ that faced prostitutes now.

MY POV: I'm steering clear of commenting on this one!

Make sure to check out Project 2010 for more interesting 2010 news!

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