Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Will Nigeria Make the 2010 Cup?

Nigeria is one of Africa's football super powers. But things are not going so well for the 'Super Eagles' ahead of Africa's first World Cup.

According to reports online, there's chaos amid the Nigerian coaching staff.

Coach Shaibu Amodu is currently enmeshed in a 'crisis of confidence' regarding his position as the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) is said to be planning a consortium of coaches to oversee the Eagles qualifiers for Nigeria's final round of Cup qualifiers.

Amodu is fighting for his job, which will certainly affect his focus in leading Nigeria.

However, in a swift reaction, the NFF’s spokesman, Ademola Olojire dismissed the consortium of coaches’ issue as a rumor designed to whip up confusion within the ranks of the national team.

He went further, saying an ex-international player allegedly started the rumor for reasons unknown.

Olojire stated that Coach Amodu, who has so far maintained an impressive record, should disregard the rumors and focus on getting Nigeria to the 2010 World Cup. First up? Mozambique later this month.

MY POV: Anyone who cares about African football wants Nigeria to be at Africa's first-ever World Cup. The situation needs to stabilize and Amodu has to be given the patience and time to do his job.

If he's given that, Nigeria has the talent to go far.

Just let him be!

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