Friday, March 20, 2009

Will the 2010 World Cup Sell Out?

There's a slight bit of concern within the annals of FIFA that not all of the tickets to South Africa's 2010 World Cup will be sold.

What's this being based on? Slow sales for the upcoming Confederations Cup in June.

But FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke told reporters not to worry. All is well.

"The culture in South Africa is to buy tickets on match days but the system FIFA imposed is more strict. We are working now on different policies. For the World Cup it is different. There are at least 28 matches of the 64 that are sold out. Definitely the demand is huge."

Valcke said two thirds of the World Cup tickets had gone to the international market, with fans in the United States and England buying the most.

Demand will pick up further once fans know which teams have qualified and following December's draw.

"All is under control. All the stadiums for the World Cup will be delivered by December 2009 except one in Cape Town which will be ready by Feb 2010," Valcke added.

MY POV: Valcke's probably right. Also, with the world economic crisis, who wants to spend money so far in advance of the the Cup?

I'm more than positive this event will sell out.

The Confederations Cup? That's another story ... I'm interested, but how many people, here or there, really care?

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A-league soccer legend said...

A lot of people are concerned about going to S Africa, and i'm not surprised with the levels of crime over there. Factor in also the expense of travel from Europe (which accounts for most fans) and you see why there are difficulties.

Another problem seems to be locals not buying tickets. How much does it cost for them?

Ps i've got my travel plans sorted already!!