Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's New with Brazil 1970?

Interesting article I found today on Goal.com regarding the 1970 Brazil team, considered by many the Greatest Team of All-Time ...

What are they up to these days?

On a personal aside, I know Pele is good. At least he was 10 years ago.
My ex-girlfriend was his neighbor out on Long Island and he'd have loud parties galore every weekend.

Seemed Pele was doing just fine in his latter years. Good lad!

But how about the rest of them? Check out some updates below and make sure to click above to see the entire report ...

(1) Felix

The goalkeeper looked far from secure during the finals. He let in a soft goal in the semi-final against Uruguay and was also at fault for Italy’s goal in the final when Boninsegna scored.
He retired in 1977 having won five Carioca titles with Fluminense and became a salesman selling products ranging from cars to fridges. He has also spent time lecturing and co-ordinating municipal football schools.


(8) Tostao

Tostao suffered a detached retina in 1969 when he was hit in the face by a ball during a match against Corinthians. This injury almost stopped him playing in the 1970 World Cup. He formed an amazing partnership with Pele, but when he damaged his eye again in 1973, he decided to retire from football at the age of 26. He scored 36 goals in 65 appearances for Brazil.

On retiring, the great man studied medicine and became a doctor, but in the 1990’s he changed careers again and is now a highly respected sports journalist.

(9) Rivelino

Although he played in midfield for Corinthians, he had to play on the left flank for Brazil. He played 92 games for his country, scoring 26 goals with one of the most thunderous left-foot's the game has ever seen. Rivelino also played in the 1974 and 1978 FIFA World Cups, although with less success.

He retired in 1981, while in Saudi Arabia with Al Hilal. Then he turned to coaching and had a spell in Japan with Shimizu S-Pulse. A very short spell as director of Corinthians followed before he went into broadcasting. Rivelino now teaches children to play football in Brazil.

(10) Pele

Pele was the most glittering star of the most spectacular football show and is one of the greatest players the world has ever seen. Before the tournament, there were some people who still doubted his ability to still perform at the highest level but that was simply blown away in Mexico. He retired in 1977 while at New York Cosmos.

Pele, as the most famous footballer on the planet, is an ambassador for the game and is heavily involved in charity work. He also has numerous sponsors to keep happy.

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