Friday, March 27, 2009

Kenya's Kits Lost!

Kenya just can't seem to catch a break.

First, their football association splits in two. Then, FIFA suspended the country from World Cup and Nations Cup qualifying over their association mess.

They've reorganized their house and are all square with FIFA. So what should happen ahead of their World Cup qualifier against Tunisia on Saturday?

They've lost their kits!

Three sets of kit and 2,000 balls have mysteriously disappeared and now have to be replaced in time for Saturday's fixture.

Some in the Kenyan Football Association see this as a blessing.

With the kit disappearing, replica kit sales will be boosted as the original kit will have to be replaced by replicas.

According to Nairobi's Standard newspaper, Kenyan officials were forced to go out on Thursday and shell out unnecessary cash on replacement kits as their was no time to have new ones made.

MY POV: Can Kenya ever catch a break? Talk about bad luck!

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Tom Legg said...

I think its less about bad luck and more about incompetency Ces.

I am disappointed to see us lose 1-2 to Tunisia, but after two days of cold review I've come to the realisation that its positive to see the Harambee Stars progressing as a footballing nation and not getting turned over by Tunisia, ala Malawi by Ivory Coast.

Losing to Tunisia at home, especially when we are without Edgar Ochieng - Kenya's stalwart in defence - is a decent result; one we would have not have ever dreamed of 10, even 5, years ago. We have good players playing abroad now (Oliech at Auxere, Mariga at Parma - maybe soon at Juve) and that number will only continue to grow in the next 5 years.

The one thing that is holding the country back from progressing further in a shorter space of time is the governing bodies. This debacle with the kits highlights the complete incompetence of the people in charge of the Kenyan game; what must players like Margia, Oliech, Otieno and Ouma think when they come back to play for their country and are faced with this rubbish!!!

I doubt Kenya will qualify for the 2010 now, it will take come momentous results to prove me wrong; but the nations cup is at least a very achievable target!