Friday, March 13, 2009

Fat Ronaldo Not Ready for Brazil Just Yet

Skinny Ronaldo is that guy winning all the awards and trophies with Manchester United. The Portuguese one.

But we all know who the REAL Ronaldo is ... he used to be bald, he used to score goals like they were going out of style and he's the World Cup's all-time leading scorer.

His name? Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima.

Or simply: Ronaldo.

We kid and call him Fat Ronaldo to differentiate from the ... skinny Ronaldo.

But although he's got some girth, Ronaldo's finally scoring goals again for Corinthians in Brazil. About time. We've missed him.

Now that the heavy hitter is back on the pitch after missing almost a year with injuries, is he ready to don Brazil's yellow jersey in preparation for the 2010 World Cup?

Not just yet, says Brazil coach Dunga.

When asked whether he is ready to pick Ronaldo, Dunga said: "Not yet. I will deal with that calmly when I have to. But like all Brazilians I'm supporting Ronaldo. I'm happy he is back and scoring. He is doing what he does best."

Dunga does, however, understand why there have been calls to bring Ronaldo back into the Brazil squad and has left the door open for the striker.

"They are not doing that (calling for his return) because of the two goals he has scored, but because of his career," the coach continued. "Football is emotion, it's passion.

"As soon as we believe he is playing well, and his fitness is good, then we'll name him. Ronaldo hasn't got anything to prove to anyone."

MY POV: Actually, he needs to prove he can stay away from the discos and buffets and score on a more consistent basis.

Honestly, how cool would it be to see the real Ronaldo scoring goals for Brazil in South Africa? I'm getting goosebumps already ...


Tronaldo said...

ok Ronaldo is the type of player that nerve stops scoring no matter what the situation may be. we all love to see the world all time scorer back on the field with Brazil in the 2010 world in South Africa and by he does not have nothing to proof just to win the world cup for Brazil

Anonymous said...

We need Ronaldo, the real Ronaldo back on the pitch in the 2010 World Cup. Frankly, Ronaldo's scoring was never about speed. It is about position and vision. He needs enough fitness to be in position and not offside. His vision and heart are still surely in form. If they can geet the ball to him in stride, he can score.

bathmate said...

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Jim said...

World Cup 2010 will be incomplete without R9.The Yellow Jersey sells more with his name.Bring him back alongside Gaucho

Jim said...

World Cup 2010 will be incomplete without R9.The Yellow Jersey sells more with his name.Bring him back alongside Gaucho

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ronaldo simply the Best, I believe he was better than Pele and Maradona, The best finisher ever.
I hope and wish to see him play in the world cup 2010 South Africa, He is Michael jordan and Mike Tyson of Soccer,

bong16 said...

ronaldo is the greatest of all great football stars out there PAST OR present,i wish to see him in South AFRICA and play his best football for the last time and hopefully will end up his world cup career as an HONORABLE PLAYER LOVE BY MILLIONS.

Anonymous said...