Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Arsenal Pain: Adebayor Will Miss Time

Things aren't going so well for Arsenal these days.

While they've struggled in their last three matches, Arsenal are still in 4th place in the Premier League.

But now word that striker and Togolese star Emmanuel Adebayor will miss three weeks with an ankle injury suffered in Saturday's 2-1 defeat at Stoke.

The 24-year-old sustained the injury after a tackle from Ryan Shawcross.

The Stoke defender's challenge drew a furious response from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger who accused the home side of overly aggressive tactics.

And Adebayor will now miss league games against Manchester United, Aston Villa, Manchester City and possibly Chelsea, who they play November 30.

Stoke City chairman Peter Coates strongly rejected Wenger's claims that his team played in a dirty manner.

"I'm sure that none of our players would deliberately go out to injure anyone," Coates said.

Fellow forward Theo Walcott was also injured in Saturday's defeat.

Adebayor has nine goals this season, five in the league, and is Arsenal's top scorer.

Get well soon, Emmanuel. The soccer world is poorer without you!


meg said...

oh my... It's such a bad thing to know. Now I totally regret not seeing Arsenal - maybe I'd bring them luck ;] ... Real V Juve and Manu v Celtic weren't that nice to watch after all. Juve played great, Real's having a hard time since last 3 matches [Sergio's unortunate statement - I blame it on Schuster] their game doesn't glue up - totally! Manu lost its steam. Boruc's still kind of great [hehe I'm polish :P] though he's probably not going to be in the national team... The world of footie's come to an interesting twisted turn.
Hope Emmanuel's ankle heals well and fast, the Gunners need him and bad. I'm not gonna ramble over all the agressive tackles in english footie, because even if I hate the players for making them - they won't stop. it's just their play. eh...
And thanks for blogging Cesar :] [though you colud update more often P:]

Cesar said...

Thanks for the comment Meg! More updates very very soon ... What would you like to read more about?