Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Problems for Kenya

Kenya just can't seem to get their act together.

Kenya's place in qualifying for the World Cup and African Cup of Nations in 2010 is under threat because of a recent court ruling, according to football's world governing body FIFA.

The Kenyan court decided that a group of administrators not recognized by FIFA should be considered executives of the Kenyan Football Federation (KFF).

FIFA says the individuals concerned were appointed by a previous sports minister, against its rules.

FIFA does not allow government interference in the running of the sport and says it wants immediate action to reverse the situation.

It also says the headquarters of the KFF, which FIFA paid for, has been "taken over by non-recognised individuals".

FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke imposed a deadline of 72 hours from Monday for its approved administrators to be registered.

If that is not achieved then Kenya's place in World Cup qualifying would be seriously under threat. Again ...

"In the absence of a swift reaction...to stop this blatant interference in football internal affairs, FIFA will have to consider all options", Valcke wrote in a letter to the man it still considers to be the leader of the KFF, Mohammed Hatimy (pictured above).

"These latest events jeopardize the organisation of the forthcoming FIFA 2010 World Cup and CAF ACN 2010 qualifying matches."

Kenya are due to play Guinea, Namibia and Zimbabwe in their group, starting against Namibia at the beginning of next month.

MY POV: When will the people running the sport in Kenya get their act together? This sort of situation seems to take place every month in this nation.

While it's true that the nation's been involved in matters more pertinent than football the past few months, one would think the people running the sport would be able to do just that - run the sport.

Unfortunately, too many hands are in the cookie jar. Kenya can't seem to get it together and it may cost them in the end.

Sad, sad news.

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Nairobian Perspective said...

Football in Kenya is disappointing! Not that there is lack of talent but just that the local football management/federation are the problem, corrupt,tribalistic,meddling with the coaches ,every vile thing ,you name it they do just to bring our teams down!