Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Adebayor - Next Year is Our Year ... Or Maybe This Year??

Arsenal and Togo striker Emmanuel Adebayor is many things - fashion icon, man of many hairstyles, lanky goal scorer.

He's also a sage who can see into the future.

Adebayor insists Arsenal will not finish empty-handed next season.

Arsene Wenger's troops have given themselves a mathematical, if highly improbable, chance of overtaking Manchester United and Chelsea following their 6-2 mauling of bottom-club Derby on Monday night.
MY POV: Highly doubtful ...

However, with just two games left, Arsenal face a four-point deficit and also an inferior goal-difference to leaders United.

For most of the season, it was the Gunners who set the pace, before their challenge fell apart following four straight draws and then defeat at Stamford Bridge, while also crashing out of the Champions League to Liverpool.

Adebayor came off the bench at Pride Park to net a second-half hat-trick - having also chalked up 3 goals against the outclassed Rams earlier in the campaign - which took his overall tally to 30.

While the 24-year-old accepts it would now take "something amazing" to see the Gunners come back to win the title at this late stage, the Arsenal striker maintains it will be a different story in 12 months' time.

"I am praying for a miracle now, but miracles do happen," Adebayor said.
MY POV: Not this season, my friend.

"We have put pressure on the top two and it is not too late for something amazing to happen.
Obviously we have to hope that Chelsea and United make mistakes at the weekend - but I can promise we will not make any."

Adebayor added: "We showed with our win we have character because it might have been easy just to look at the table and give up on trying to be champions - but that is not who we are. What was also important is that we sent out a message to our rivals that despite all the disappointments we have had in the past couple of months we are sticking together and showing that we are getting better and better.

"This season we may end up with nothing - but it will not look the same this time next year."

MY POV: Adebayor shows a maturity way above his years on the pitch. His grace and balance have helped Arsenal plenty of times during the season.
For his sake, I hope his promise comes true. I'd love to see the Gunners mount a late challenge and pip the two giants Manchester United and Chelsea (who could be meeting in Moscow May 21st in the Champions League final) to the Premier League title ...
If not, look out for Adebayor's Gunners next season ...


Anonymous said...

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Tote Football Pro said...

Toga have more chance of winning the world cup than Arsenal do (did now) of winning the league. Actually, Togo have more chance of winning euro 2008!!

Joking aside, Arsenal have a good chance next year. They showed for the majority of this season that they have the players and the style to do it. they just need to add a bit more experience and guile into their team.

Interestingly, many Arsenal fans have been voicing their dissatisfaction at Adebayor recetly. Why i have no idea: the las has scored 35 odd goals!!

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