Saturday, March 1, 2008

Update on El-Hadary Transfer

Last week, we told you about Egypt goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary's transfer from Al Ahly to FC Sion. Things weren't going too well.

Al Ahly didn't want to let him go. FC Sion said they had a deal in place. The usual transfer battle being played out, this time with Africa's best goalkeeper in the middle.

Well we finally have some resolution.

El-Hadary is back in Egypt with Al Ahly.

The best goalkeeper in the recent African Cup of Nations signed a four-year contract with Swiss Super League club FC Sion earlier this season without the approval of his current employers Al Ahly which caused shockwaves in Egypt and a huge dispute between the two clubs.

The Swiss were hoping that the player could move on the basis of a landmark ruling by world sport's highest court, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), but the Egyptians weren't having any of it.

So the keeper was introduced by FC Sion in a press conference on Thursday morning. But today, El-Hadary confirmed his return to Cairo.

"I made a stupid mistake and I decided to return to Al Ahly" the 35-year-old said.

"I talked to a lawyer and understood that I stand no chance of moving to Sion without the approval of Al Ahly" El-Hadary admitted.

"I was motivated by the move to Europe but I hope that the Ahly officials will understand my situation."

The Cairo based club refused to comment on the situation but confirmed that El-Hadary will be meeting with the club's football committee before taking any action.

Updates to come. Sticky situation. Can't blame the guy for wanting to go to Europe, but maybe he should have read the fine print first.


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Cesar, do you mind if I ask for your source here? I'm not finding it through google, and this really interests us at the Offside because of the Webster implications.


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