Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Refocus and Some Personal Musings

I've been away from the blog since the African Cup of Nations ended, tending to some personal business.

But I'm back, thinking of ways to take this particular blog in new directions.

I love the fact I've become somewhat knowledgeable about the African game thanks to this website. I've gained an intimate appreciation of the quality of African football and seen the grandeur and spectacle the continent's football can bring.

But I believe I'd do a disservice to make this an African football blog. First of all, I don't know much about the African game. I'd love to learn more. But for now, copying and pasting Mark Gleeson's articles from Reuters news service doesn't cut it.

Second, without being in Africa, how can I honestly report on the state of the African game? Sure, the Internet and technology have brought the game closer to home. But until I get myself there, I'd be foolish to say I'm providing any real service.

The entire medium of a blog is wonderful. Someone like myself, some guy in New York who fancies football, can write my musings and thoughts about events I've not even seen. And for that, I get people all over the world coming on my page, reading my posts, reading my thoughts. It's wonderful.

So how can I make this better? How can I be of value to the people that read this site?

Basically, how can I grow this thing into something more than copying articles?

I could go to Africa. I WILL go to Africa. One day. I simply can't afford it now.

I could write about European soccer or the USA's Major League Soccer.

But lots of people do that. I already do that on my other website. So that's a negative.

I guess I need to come up with another angle.

Let's reiterate the focal point of this blog: It's about me, a crazy American football fan in New York City, trying to get himself to South Africa in 2010 to watch one game, the Final of the World Cup.

Now, I could buy a ticket and just go. But where's the challenge in that?

No, I need to find a way there through some other route. It could be through sponsorship, it could be through press credentials, it could be as South African president Thabo Mbeki's guest!

But I want to get there based on something other than my wallet. Personal connections, etc.

Also, I'd like to write a book about my experience. And on top of that, I'd like to assist some people involved with the game of football along the way. Meaning, I'd like to shine a light on people doing good work through the game of soccer, trying to uplift people using football as their voice.

Maybe that's the angle I should take. I don't know ...

Until then, I'm learning a great deal about the African game, watching lots of great UEFA Champions League games and getting ready for another season of David Beckham's Major League Soccer.

I'll end this now, but I'll say this ... expect to read things here you won't read anywhere else.

As long as I keep that edict in mind, the blog and the writing will take care of itself ...


Julian said...

yes please nothing on this blog that you can read elsewhere. I like that a lot. 2 cents on the issue of what to write, write your book on this blog :)

sam said...

What if you slept?
And what if,
In your sleep
You dreamed?
And what if,
In your dream,
You went to heaven
And there plucked
A strange and
Beautiful flower?
And what if,
When you awoke,
You had the flower
In your hand?


Use this waking world as your canvas. Imagine without limitation and explore new possibilities, excluding nothing-because surely, if you can conceive it, you can create it.

Cesar said...

@ Julian: Thanks! Now what should the book be about?? HMMM ...

@ Sam: That's a beautiful sentiment ... I'll make sure to remember that. Thanks!!