Thursday, January 24, 2008

Parreira Says African World Cup Victory Far Away

Back to the World Cup for a second.

Bold statements from South Africa coach Carlos Alberto Parreira today, who believes there is still a long wait ahead before an African team wins the World Cup.

Parreira, who has coached at five World Cups with four different teams including his native Brazil, said he thought Africa would need at least another three tournaments before they made the breakthrough.

"For 20 years, people have been saying it will happen at the next World Cup but looking at it now I think it will take more time," he told Reuters.

"Looking at it now, I think there is one team with real class which is Ivory Coast -- apart from this team, nobody has got what it takes to win a World Cup. Nigeria has lost this, Cameroon has lost it, Egypt have good players but there is something lacking -- maybe history and tradition. Ghana have good players but you still don't see that team with potential to win. I think it will need another three World Cups."

Hefty statement.

Parreira's team are housed in a modest hotel surrounded by dusty streets in Tamale, Ghana during the Cup of Nations but he refused to complain about the facilities.

"The stadium is world class, unbelievable, although I do not think this city was ready to host four big teams. The people here are very warm. The other day I went outside to a village and I was received by the chief with more than 50 kids around me."

Interesting ... what are your thoughts?


tippo said...

I agree with him on Ivory Coast - they are the most complete team and others are not. Nigeria for example huge strength in strikers and Ghana strength in midfield and the list goes on.

Chxta said... thoughts? Sadly he is dead right. I don't see either of Nigeria and Cameroon resurrecting to challenge the world in two years, while the Ivory Coast may look formidable now, but in two years things may well have changed. Again, unlike Nigeria for example, the Ivory Coast doesn't have young ones coming through that (at the moment) are making any impact. Sad state of affairs.

P.S Thanks for the plug.