Saturday, January 26, 2008

Namibia Also Asked to Throw Cup Match

Looks like Benin isn't the only squad being asked to throw a match.

Today, word that Namibia were approached to fix a match at the Cup of Nations, having been offered $30,000 per player to throw their final group game against Guinea in Sekondi on Monday.

"My players were approached by a man saying he represented a syndicate and offered them money to lose the game," Namibia Football Association president John Muinjo told Reuters in Accra on Saturday.

It follows a similar approach to Benin coach Reinhard Fabisch before the start of the tournament by an unidentified man, purporting to represent betting interests.

"The players came to me immediately to tell me and we've informed the Confederation of African Football of what has happened," said Muinjo.

"The players were offered up to $30,000 to lose the game. They were offered half in advance but told they had to be able during the game to manipulate the score on the instructions of the syndicate."

Pretty disgusting, if you ask me. At least the players didn't take the offer, instead relaying the news to their coach.

"I'm very proud that my players came to see me straight away. I warned them about the impact accepting these sorts of offers could have on their careers. They are a team who believe in fair play."

Namibia have lost their opening two games at the Nations Cup and have only a slim mathematical chance of reaching the quarter-finals. An investigation is pending.

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Chxta said...

Some people in Naija are beginning to allege that Berti Vogts may have deliberately made the erstwhile Super Eagles into the Slack Eagles as part of a wider gambling syndicate.

I don't exactly buy into that (the man's not a good coach)

Meanwhile the Lions are once again Indomitable...