Saturday, January 26, 2008

Keta Sandlanders and Their Plea for Help

This, a story culled from the pages of the Guardian about local Ghanaian football club Keta Sandlanders, who are using the internet to appeal to fans around the world to help them survive and thrive.

Please check out the video on the Guardian's website about the Sandlanders. It's a beautiful look into the soul of an African football squad struggling to survive.

What they're asking for is 5 pounds from international fans to become 'members' of the club and keep them afloat. This, straight from the Keta Sandlanders website:

The Sandlanders approach is exceptional because we are making use of the marketing power of the Internet to offer an international platform to a talented but unrecognised side. This platform will be used not just to develop the club but also to benefit the local community in Keta. Annual club membership costs just £5, of this fee £1 goes directly to support local community initiatives and the remaining £4 is put towards sustainable team development. Members will be able to follow the fortunes of their club and community projects through this site and will be able to actively participate in the running of the club.

I don't usually do this kind of thing, but this seems like a nice cause.
Please check out their website, watch the remarkable Guardian video and get involved!

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