Friday, January 25, 2008

Ivory Coast Will Win

Hey, at least someone agrees with me about the Ivory Coast winning the African Cup of Nations. So I can't be that crazy.

In today's, writer Sulaiman Folarin says there is no reason the Ivory Coast can't make it to the final.

True, there's no reason. But there's no reason many of these squads can't make it to the final. Ghana is still alive. Egypt looks deadly. Nigeria is hanging around, although they look lethargic. And let's not count out Senegal.

As Folarin sees it:

After an epic battle between Africa's two top nations in Sekondi's Takoradi Stadium the Ivory Coast emerged victorious and the Nigerians were vanquished, and so there now seems to be no logical reason for the Elephants to leave the Gold Coast country of Ghana before the final game of this year's African Cup of Nations.

In fact if they do not drink from the cup this time around they will only have themselves to blame.

Time will tell. They certainly look stong. But what about their wobbly goal keeping?

Let's see if they make the final on February 10th. If they do, we'll all look like psychics.

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