Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cup of Nations Web Resources

We here at Road to 2010 will do our best to cover the games in Ghana later this month.

But the Internet's a big place and there are many resources out there for getting information on Africa's major continental competition.

Here are some of the best that I've seen. Make sure to check them out!

- BBC Africa has a wonderful African football section that is not to be missed.

- The World Cup Blog's Africa section has bloggers from almost every nation in the tournament. They do an excellent job of getting the information to us.

- The official website of the Ghana Cup of Nations. Provides a wealth of information.

- The Confederation of African Football's official website. Up-to-date news can be found here.

- MTN's Cup of Nations site. They're the official sponsors and have been doing a great job stockpiling information for their tournament.

- Kickoff magazine's official website. Kickoff is a South African footie magazine and they have a fine website dedicated to the tournament.

- Football365's African football website comes awash with opinion articles and daily news updates.

- Think Ghana is a website from Ghana with a dedicated section devoted to the tournament.

- Now as far as this last one, we're not entirely sure. But check them out. They're Telesud and apparently you can watch the games ONLINE from this site. Check them out. I'm not sure if they're going to really show the matches or not (they're still deciding to do so or not), but if they do, I'm IN!

I'm having great difficulty finding venues to watch the matches in. If you're around New York City and know places showing the games, please let me know.

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