Thursday, January 24, 2008

10 Reasons the African Cup of Nations is Great

This, a post on the excellent 'Who Ate All the Pies?' blog.

It's Top 10 Reasons Why the African Cup of Nations Is Better Than the World Cup. Some of them are very funny ...

1. Germany can't win it. (Very true)

2. Argentina can't win it. (Also true!)

3. Italy can't win it. (Indeed! They're smart people, these Pie writers ...)

4. Players feel free to shoot from everywhere on the pitch, probably because the standard of goalkeeping is slightly below that seen in the Women's World Cup. (Hmmm ...)

5. Moaning prats like Emmanuel Eboue, Didier Drogba and Obi-Wan Mikel have to leave England for a month. (Ha!)

6. Arsenal are forced to play with Swiss cloggers in central defense for a month (as a Spurs fan, that gives us some hope at least). (So they're Spurs fans, eh?)

7. It's gloriously unpredictable - you couldn't say that of the World Cup, when the same old teams always reach the final. (Also true ... wide open Cup this year!)

8. Referees appear to tolerate a ferociously brutal standard of tackling - witness Benin's assault on Mali; if that was a World Cup, Benin might have ended the game with seven men. As it was, they only had two players booked. Tremendous. (Is that bad refereeing?)

9. England can't go out on penalties. (Portugal can't beat them on penalties, either)

10. Did I mention that Germany, Argentina and Italy can't win it? (Ya sure did!)