Monday, November 12, 2007

Will 2010 Stadiums be Ready?

This isn't new news, but it's discouraging nonetheless.

Word is 2010 World Cup organizers are saying two of the stadium being built for the tournament face "very very tight" deadlines to be completed on time.

Is this cause for concern? Or just more non-news?

Every major construction project faces delays and overruns. Regrettably, the eyes of the world fall on South Africa and their staging of the 2010 Cup as an indication of Africa's business viability. I say regrettably because it feels like Africa's being tested with this Cup. 'Pop quiz, folks!'

It's a little unfair. Contingency plans weren't being talked about in 2004 while Germany faced their own delay worries en route to a smooth 2006 World Cup finals.

Regardless, these are the stakes. The stadium sites causing concern are in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth (mock-up pictured above).

"Things are on course generally, but with two stadiums the timelines are very, very tight," said Tim Modise of the tournament organizing committee.

As a result, plans for Port Elizabeth's Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium to host the 2009 Confederations Cup, a sort of mock-run of the Cup finals every hosting country stages, may be shelved.

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the Cup is confident that it will be able to successfully deliver the tournament according to the schedule it has set for itself, says international affairs organizing committee communications manager Tumi Makgabo.

Consistent Euro-Afro-pessimism, in which many people doubt the capabilities of an African country to host a large-scale, world-class sporting event, is largely due to ignorance, Makgabo says, adding that the country has a good record of hosting major sporting events.

She accepts, however, that South Africa has not hosted an event of this magnitude before, but says that this does not mean that the country will not be able to host the tournament. Communication of information is the best way to overcome the pessimism, she says.

I fully expect South Africa to host a wonderful, successful World Cup. Why such pessimism from the football press? Let's give South Africa a chance, stadium delays or not.


Anonymous said...

Green Point Stadium is on schedule. The concern only surrounds the fact that it is on a tight schedule. It needs to be handed over to FIFA in November 2009. The stadium is on track to meet these deadlines and is NOT behind schedule. It will be complete for the at least 7 months before the World Cup in 2010.

The Confederations Cup venues used by Germany in 2005 includes mainly existing venues and did not include Allianz Arena or the Berlin Olympic Stadium or its other semi-final venue.

The debate around the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium is whether they should rush construction to meet the March 2009 deadline or whether they should just use another stadium of which there are many in South Africa e.g. Kings Park, Newlands etc. over 40,000.

As we stand at the moment 8 stadia will be complete more than a year before the kick-off.

Ellis Park - July 2008
Free State Stadium - October 2008
Loftus Versfeld - December 2008
Rustenburg - December 2008
Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium - March 2009
Soccer City - April 2009
Mbombela Stadium - April 2009
Peter Mokaba Stadium - April 2009
Moses Mabhida Stadium - August 2009
Green Point Stadium - October

None of the stadia are behind schedule. Green Point is not "struggling" to meet its deadline, its on schedule, and has even been 5 weeks ahead of schedule.

see (IE) to view progress and see for yourself.

The strike would of course impact deadlines but the contractors have worked on many major international projects and would find it easy to bring in workers from abroad.

As stated earlier, none of the stadia hosting major matches for Germany 2006 were used during there 2005 Confederations Cup.

Four of the five venues proposed would easily meet the March 2009 deadline. The new venues were never meant to host Confederations Cup matches.

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is on schedule, I have images to back this up, as they were slightly behind schedule a few weeks ago.

visit and check out the south african section/sub-forum, all the latest updates would be there on all stadia.

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