Friday, November 9, 2007

New African Soccer Magazine

In my time blogging about the world of African football, I've found resources to be limited.

Finding information can be like looking for clues in a crime case, piecing one bit of information with another to fit the puzzle together.

I'm proud to say there's a new resource for fans of African football on the Internet: New African Soccer magazine.

The magazine started some time ago and faded away. Now, it's back strong with a new team of writers and editors, eager to report on the fascinating world of African soccer.

Here's writer Jake Brown's take on the re-launch of New African Soccer magazine:

New African Soccer Magazine is the only monthly English language magazine and ezine dedicated to African football.

We provide all the news and views, twists and turns of the beautiful game from an African perspective. As the football world turns towards the 2010 World Cup in South Africa we want to show how much Africa has to offer, from the Premiership superstars in England and the biggest leagues in Europe to the vital grassroots of the African leagues.

We have experienced correspondents throughout the world and we deliver exclusive interviews, contributions from star players, intelligent discussion and all the latest news and views from club and international football in Africa.

It's a good magazine and long overdue. Much of the focus of football journalism has to do with Europe or South America. It's time for Africa to have a voice.

I'm proud to associate myself with New African Soccer magazine.

Support this voice of African football!

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Aliyu said...

Nice concept. It will be a great read. Soccer is really making waves through Africa. Recently I came across an interesting Kenyan soccer drama even though kenya is not in the world cup, its a must watch.