Friday, October 26, 2007

Ghana is Football Crazy

A wonderful article from today's BBC concerning the football fever sweeping through Ghana ahead of next year's African Cup of Nations.

Here's a small quote from the article. For the full text, please click the link above.

In fact, so contagious is the passion for the tournament that it seems to affect everyone, even those who are not necessarily football fans.

"I hate football with every bone in my body," said Blessed, an Accra taxi driver, who vowed never to catch the Nations Cup bug.

"But I can't do anything about it because everyone around me is talking about this Africa Cup," he moaned.

Seems like not everyone is being swept up by the excitement!

I admit to being anxious to see what happens out in Ghana. Again, let's hope all the superstars of African football can attend and that the huge European clubs that control football don't hijack the beauty of this tournament.

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