Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Can Africa Get its House in Order?

The past few days have seen the question asked in wide circles: Will Africa ever get it right?

Apart from South Africa & the 2010 World Cup, can it help its people? Can it end the poverty, genocide, corruption and murder that languishes? Can Africa ever straighten its house out?

I've never been to Africa, so I can't comment from first-hand experience. Hopefully this blog and my goals will catapult me to Kenya, South Africa & beyond, where I'll be able to see for myself what I've only read or heard about.

In the past few days, FIFA President Sepp Blatter asked the question regarding the World Cup. The Nigerian elections show the corruption enveloping parts of the continent. Problems persist in Somalia and the Sudan. Leaders like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe continue to hold power, their despotic ways a constant shadow over the people of his country.

The latest issue of the fine business and news magazine The Economist summed it up like this: 'If Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, is anything to go by, the sub-Saharan continent of some 800m people may be doomed to spend another generation or so in misery. Nigeria's recent bout of elections has been a fiasco. The country is rich in resources—the United States may soon be getting a tenth of its oil from it—but most of its 140m-odd people languish in poverty.'

Why? I don't understand. Is it just corruption? Is there something else going on?

So I ask the question: Can Africa get its house in order? Apart from the World Cup, what can the continent do to move ahead?

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Bancha said...

My 9th Grade Global Studies teacher said the best word to describe Africa was "too".

Too hot.
Too dry.

Even if all the politics were in order, and all the tribes got along, and the infrastructure were perfect, there would still be the problem of the climate, disease, etc.

But I'd be interested to see what the possible solutions are.

You can't just "fix" corruption.