Saturday, April 14, 2007

Update on the Kenya-FIFA situation

An update on the situation brewing between Kenya and FIFA:

It's just getting worse.

The Kenyan Football Federation (KFF) will legally challenge the formation of an independent committee to oversee the sport in the country.

Sammy Obingo, KFF secretary, criticized officials in the government who accepted the formation of the group and vowed to fight on. FIFA has asked Kenya's government to stay away from overseeing the sport. Kenya was suspended from international football because of failure to fulfill a 28-point agreement reached in Cairo last year which called mainly for scrapping of parallel bodies managing the sport.

"We intend to challenge the legality of this new body in the courts," he said.

The new government faction has been widely panned by world football's governing body FIFA, and could lead to the imposition of another international ban for Kenya if they take control.

The embattled KFF have only recently been re-admitted to international football after a five-month ban imposed by FIFA because of previous government interference.

"There are so many glaring discrepancies," Obingo said confirming they would go to court next week.

Now the courts are getting involved. It's just getting more complicated. The government needs to take a backseat and allow the sport to be run by duly elected football officials.

The interference needs to stop so the country can continue their qualifications campaigns, their grassroots efforts and their unity. All this strife causes nothing but hardship for the people trying to do good for the game.

Such a shame, really. I wonder why the government is so committed to meddling with the game? What's in it for them?

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