Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tidbits to Pass the Time

It's been a few days & I'm not one to whine. Ok, yes I am, as evidenced by this post from a month ago, but I'm tired and heartbroken (more on that later, or go here & see why).

I just need to hop on a plane and go to Africa, right? Am I right? Someone tell me I'm right ... ok, enough! I'm sorry about that. Back to the topic at hand ...

Take a look at this guy on the left. He's a super fan from Kenya. His name is Isaac Juma Onyango & he's one of the most passionate supporters I've ever seen.

He's a newspaper vendor by day. By mid day, he transforms into an informal mascot for the Harambee Stars national team. Dressed like a traditional healer, with his body painted from head to toe and carrying a calabash, he stages colorful dances throughout every one of the Harambee Star's home games in an attempt to spur on the side.

Whenever a goal is scored he joins the fans in celebrating, contorting his bare-chested body as he entertains the spectators.

It is believed by many that he brings luck to the side, as Kenya have won more games than lost when the self-appointed mascot has been present.

As a result when he is seen at the stadium everybody expects a positive result.

"I do it because I love football so much. I can hardly miss an international match anywhere in the country," Juma told the BBC.

"That's why I have chosen to do it at my own expense.

"First of all, I have to buy my own paint, then pay the person to decorate me all over my body.

"That is not to mention the barber who shaves me before I go to the field."

To read more about this interesting fellow, please go here.

-- Ya, ya. I promised not to talk about Valencia on here anymore. .But it's relevant this time, I swear.
First, Ghana's Michael Essien (right) is the man who broke my heart. Great goal by a great player. 'Nuff said. Go to my other blog to read more about that.

On another note, Chelsea manager 'The Special One' Jose Mourinho made some interesting comments after the game about Argentinian striker Hernan Crespo. Why is this relevant? Well, The Special One wants him back at Chelsea (he's on loan at Inter Milan & doesn't want to come back to London) because he needs a striker in January when Didier Drogba & Salomon Kalou leave for the African Cup of Nations (see how I tied that together?).

"I can understand the human side of Crespo's story, but business is business," Mourinho sneered to The Sun.
"Crespo is ours and I need a striker. I'm sure I will lose Drogba and Kalou who will go to play in the African Cup of Nations and so I need a striker like Crespo to be at Chelsea," the Special One said as he looked at his image in the mirror.

The Cup's traditional January start time irks many people & could have an adverse personal effect on Crespo, who's indicated he doesn't want to come back to London due to cultural issues. I wonder how many other clubs will have this problem?

-- On a final note, South Africa is trying to forge bonds with other African nations ahead of the 2010 Cup. They're seeking a change in World Cup rules to allow visiting teams to be based in neighbouring countries like Mozambique and Swaziland during the 2010 finals.

Danny Jordaan, chief executive of the South African organizing committee, told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday that other African countries should be involved as much as possible in Africa's first World Cup finals.

"This is Africa's World Cup and we are making a case to FIFA for a change in the rules," he said.

Under existing rules, the 31 visiting teams can set up training camps outside the host country before the finals but would have to move to South Africa at least seven days before their opening match and remain there during the tournament.

The moves sound like a nice idea and one that could ease SA's pressure to accomodate fans as well, as many would follow their teams to these other base countries, which are a short plane ride away from SA.

Jordaan said he expected some 350,000 to 450,000 overseas visitors and fans for the finals. He also said measures would be put in place to ensure local soccer fans, especially those from the townships, would not be priced out of the World Cup.
"There will be affordable tickets. There are many people who have supported the game for many years and they must have access to the event. FIFA understands this," he said.

Jordaan said Africa's first World Cup had to be a successful event. "We cannot afford to fail," he said. "It is in everyone's interest for this to be a success and we are going to work very hard to make it happen."


Bancha said...

Wow, your obsession with futbol really puts you in a whole different world. But then again, as I am not into futbol, and the rest of the world is, perhaps it is *I* who lives in a whole different world. Deep, I know. = )

But as for the opening of your last post, I think you just need a break. I'm sure this weekend, and the trip down for Jeff's wedding should do the trick.

I hear what you're saying about being tired, though. A few weeks ago, I had kind of hit rockbottom with some things, but when I went away to St. Louis, it was a good change of pace. I'm just saying you need a break in routine and something fresh is all.

Also, my Day of Nothing on my birthday on Sunday was a good way to get back to my "core" as well.

Anonymous said...

I live in your world, but am entertained by C's! Especially posts like the last one - full of Benoit humor and all that charm that keeps me coming back for more! ; )
I hope this weekend helps - don't have TOO much fun! : (
Jeff's wedding should be great for all.
You're going far C...getting closer every day.

BlueBlood58 said...

Cesar. Just read your reply on the offside... cheers again mate and chelsea fans aren't all that bad, we do appreciate what Valencia put us through and although that might sound arrogant its not meant too but with Valencia's prev 40 year home record against English teams, Chelsea had to put in a performance. Anyway I clicked your 'name' expecting to go to Valencia offside and I ended up here!!

So you are going to end up at the 2010 World Cup? Good luck mate. Will look froward to be reading about your adventures.

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