Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kenya facing new FIFA sanctions

It never ends with these guys.

Kenya's football federation is again facing the threat of suspension by FIFA, football's world governing body, because of renewed allegations of political interference by the country's government.

The government announced plans to set up a "caretaker committee" to run the federation. Apparently, this is a no-no for FIFA.

"This is unbelievable," Jerome Champagne, FIFA's presidential delegate for special affairs, said in an e-mail to the Confederation of African Football, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters News Service (thanks, Reuters).

"I discussed this issue this morning again with the FIFA president and he is furious that once again, a governmental structure (the sports commissioner and the registrar's office) intervened again in this matter in spite of all statements.

"Mr. Blatter (Sepp, FIFA's head honcho) even mentioned a new suspension to be brought to the FIFA congress."

Kenya was banned from all international competitions last October for breaking international agreements and for numerous problems within its federation. The ban was lifted last month but with conditions attached, including non-interference by the Kenyan government and the withdrawal of pending legal proceedings.

Where do we go from here? Does it ever end? Someone needs to sit down and mediate this mess. It's gotten out of hand already and arbitration seems to be the only remedy. FIFA strong arms, Kenya doesn't comply. Who is at fault? The ministers of the game, the government or FIFA?

Check back for more updates on this debilitating situation.

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